Are You a Good Neighbor?

group of four older adult men playing dominoes at a table

Being a good neighbor benefits you, your neighbors, and your community by making your neighborhood a more pleasant place to live. Being considerate and showing that you care about your neighbors’ wellbeing will often inspire others to be neighborly
in return, which fosters a sense of community that helps the neighborhood thrive!

Good Neighbor Day is September 29, so here are some suggestions to become more neighborly:

Say hello when you see your neighbors, and introduce yourself to any new neighbors. Even if you don’t have anything more to say than “hello,” acknowledging your neighbors shows that you are friendly and approachable. You and your neighbors will be more comfortable asking each other questions, or speaking to each other about any conflicts.

Communicate and be direct with your neighbors if an issue occurs. Gossiping, leaving anonymous notes, or making passive comments can often result in resentment or animosity. Being polite and candid will allow you and your neighbor to confront any issues together.

Do your part to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of common areas. Leave the area the way you would want it to be left for you!

Be conscientious of the amount of noise you create, whether it’s from music, televisions, pets, or talking. While some noise is normal and expected, be especially aware of when your neighbors are likely to be sleeping.

Organize fun activities to do together like an afternoon luncheon, potluck or a game day.

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