Irvine Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s Sweethearts

Anita and Harry J.:Anita and Harry have been married for over 70 years and had 6 children together. Harry joked and said that Anita turned out to be a very good cook, but when they first got married she had a lot of learning to do! Anita says that they were always together and didn’t go many places without one another. She says that she doesn’t know how she would have ever got along without him. Harry says that Anita is a great wife and mother to their children. He says that she once got an award for “Mother of the Year” and he believed that to be very true.

Harold and Judy S.:Harold and Judy have been married for 22 years. Judy was living in Ohio with her family and went to Florida to visit her daughter when she ran into Harold. She says she tore up her ticket back to Ohio and stayed in Florida with Harold. They reminisced about their wedding day and said they got married in a big church in Orlando, Florida on Easter Sunday and all of their children were there to watch. They said that one of their favorite things to do together was play board games. They had family in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida so in 1998 they decided to move to Kentucky because it was pretty close to being the middle between them. They said they didn’t know a soul when they first moved here!

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