November 2021 Calendar

November 2
2:00 PM Color a Turkey
4:00 PM Karoke

November 6
10:00AM Speedy Recall
11:00AM Word Search Puzzles

November 11
10:00AM The Meaning of Veterns Day
11:00AM Veterns Day Activity Sheets
2:00 PM Veterns Day Celebration

November 17
10:00AM Lets Sing A Tune!
11:00AM Bible Study

November 19
2:00 PM Black Hat Club
4:00 PM Karoke

November 22
10:00AM Pumpkin Chunkin’
11:00AM Movie Trivia

November 24
4:00 PM Thanksgiving Dessert Bar

November 25
9:00 AM Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
10:00 AM The Story Of Thanksgiving

November 30
11:00AM Spelling Bee
2:00 PM Letters to Santa