Employee of the Month: Mia H!

February 7, 2024 — When it came time to select our Employee of the Month for February, our resident council had no problem selecting our sweet, caring, and loving Mia! Mia has been an employee of Irvine Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for a little over 6 months, and in those short months, she has been nothing short of amazing... Read More

Short-Term Therapy Success Stories

February 7, 2024 — West Side Therapy Star: Merle S. Merle hasn’t been at the center for long but has hit the ground running. He has been working so hard with our therapy teams and has shown us early on that he is nothing short of amazing! Merle has the goal of returning home and that is reflected in... Read More

Snowball Fight!!

February 7, 2024 — Our seniors had so much fun with this activity, especially when they ganged up on our Activities Director, Meranda! We talked about past snowstorms, and one gal remembered getting 47 inches of snow in one storm! Wow! Remember to follow our Facebook page to see more of our fun activities!

February is Heart Month: Reduce Your Risk For Heart Disease

February 7, 2024 — Several health conditions, your lifestyle, your age and family history can increase your risk for heart disease. These are called risk factors. About half of all Americans (47%) have at least 1 of 3 key risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking. Some risk factors for heart disease cannot be controlled, such... Read More

January Employee Of Month: Melissa Rose!

January 5, 2024 — Melissa has been selected as this months, employee of the month! Melissa is our East Side Unit Manager but has held many different positions over the 18 years she’s been with us. Melissa goes above and beyond every day for our residents, ensuring they receive the best care possible. In her time away from the... Read More

Resident Spotlight: Duke

January 5, 2024 — Duke has been selected as our resident spotlight for the month for January. Duke is from Hargett, Ky, right here in Estill County. He says that some of his favorite memories are swimming at the lock and working in the fields with his friends and family. Duke is present at almost every activity put on... Read More

Happy Activity Professionals Week January 21-27, 2024

January 5, 2024 — We owe a lot to our activities team for keeping our residents and families engaged, active, and safely participating in so many innovative ways. From crafts to bingo to seasonal fun, they have gone above and beyond to lift us all up with some great activities. Luckily, January 21-27 is designated to recognize them for... Read More

Reflection of 2023

January 5, 2024 — Oh, what a year it has been here at Irvine Nursing and Rehabilitation! This year we were able to invite our community members back into the facility for events. This is something we sure missed with the COVID-19 pandemic. From all the parties, special guests, and events we’ve hosted, it’s safe to say we’ve had... Read More

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Seniors

January 4, 2024 — Resolutions are a fun way to kick off the New Year, but they can also provide a sense of purpose and motivation that can foster a positive outlook on life. Setting goals can help seniors stay engaged and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t know where to begin? Here are six resolutions to get you started:... Read More

Candy Cane Day: December 26

December 7, 2023 — Candy Canes are Festive and Fun! Candy canes are a favorite holiday treat. Their versatility makes them perfect for all kinds of edible and decorative uses! Plastic versions work great for décor purposes too and can be reused each year! Here are ten festive ways to use candy canes this season: Enjoy them as a... Read More