Cappuccino vs. Espresso

close up of dark brown coffee beans

Being a coffee lover often involves drinking many types of coffee products, such as espresso, cappuccino, regular coffee, lattes or café au lait. However, one aspect of coffee that many people get wrong is that they think cappuccino and espresso are the same drink. They are each distinctly different and celebrated on separate days in November.

One of the reasons that many people consider cappuccino to be the same as espresso is because cappuccino traditionally has some espresso in it. Cappuccino consists of coffee or a combination of coffee and espresso mixed with fresh milk and topped with heated milk foam.

Espresso is made by pressing boiling water (or even steam) through the dark roast beans at a highly-pressurized rate. This is what gives espresso its incredible strength and taste. The most defining characteristic of espresso is the fact that the drink is much more concentrated and caffeinated than cappuccino or regular coffee, which is why it is traditionally served in a one-ounce cup! Espresso is commonly mispronounced and spelled as “expresso,” most likely because of the quick “pick-me-up” it provides and because of how expressed method of preparation.

Treat yourself on November 8, Cappuccino Day and on November 23, Espresso Day by trying a seasonal cappuccino (pumpkin flavored perhaps?) or a bold shot of espresso. If you’re worried about too much caffeine, be sure to ask if decaf options are available.

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