Short-Term Success Stories

success story written on chalkboard with purple wood border

East Side Therapy Star: James B.

Our east side therapy star was none other than, James B! James is from Beattyville, Kentucky and came to the center for rehabilitation following a motorcycle accident. James has gone above and beyond with our therapy department since admitting into the center. James pushes himself everyday to get stronger and to meet his goals of returning home. James is always smiling, helping and always has a kind word for everyone. Congratulations James! Keep up the good work as we are so proud of you!

West Side Therapy Star: Carlena W.

“Wow!” That is all our therapy department can say about the progress Carlena has made in therapy! When asked who our West Side Therapy Star should be, there was no doubt that it should be Carlena! Carlena has gone above and beyond while working with therapy. She is motivated and determined to get where she needs to be! We are so proud of you Carlena! Keep up the great work. We are so thankful to have you as part of Team Irvine!

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