Short-Term Therapy Success Stories

East Side Therapy Star: Charles H.

Charles has been selected as East Side Therapy Star of the month! Charles is a guitar player from Estill County. He enjoys playing country and gospel music. When working with therapy, he gives it his all, no matter what our therapist have him doing. Our Therapy Director, Clare, states “Charles is a sweet gentleman and always works so hard.” Keep up the good work Charles, we are so proud of you!

West Side Therapy Star: Robert B.

Robert or Bob, as he prefers to be called, has been selected for our West Side Therapy Star of the month! Bob is a computer technician from Lexington, Kentucky! He is a proud father of two boys. Bob has been working really hard with our therapy team in order to meeting his goals. Our Therapy Director, Clare states that he works hard in and out of therapy. She also said that he is just a joy to be around, as he is funny and always cheerful! Keep up the hard work Bob! We are so proud of you!

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