Sweetest Day: October 21

Image of vintage looking stamps with a red bird and the words love, kiss, sweet, and heart in scrapbook type lettering

The first Sweetest Day in history took place in October of 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio. Organized by a committee of candymakers, all sorts of candies were delivered to low-income people throughout the city with the message that this Saturday in October was the “sweetest day of the year.”

A recent trend has shown that more couples are celebrating Sweetest Day as the male-counterpart to Valentine’s Day. With more gifts bought for women on February 14, such as flowers, perfume, chocolates, and cards, the gift-giving shifts primarily to men during October when more electronics, candy, and sporting event or concert tickets are gifted.

Sweetest Day does not have to be extravagant or include gift-giving, so keep it simple this year—grab your favorite candy, movie, and of course your sweetheart—and enjoy a cozy evening in together.

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