Emergency Preparedness Month

September 5, 2020 — No one can prepare your family for a disaster like you can, because you know the personal health needs of your family best. Get started by knowing the basics: Create an emergency water supply of at least one gallon of water per day for each person and pet. A two-week supply is better. Strongly consider... Read More

Try a New Take on a Tasty Traditional Snack: Ants On A Log

September 5, 2020 — Ants On A Log will always be an easy go-to snack. Whether your “logs” have peanut butter or cream cheese, September 8, Ants on a Log Day, is the perfect opportunity to try some of these tasty variations or mix and match them to create a delicious combination all your own! You may just discover... Read More

West Side’s Therapy Star of the Month: Teddy C.

July 31, 2020 — Congratulations to Teddy C. for being voted West Side’s Therapy Star of the Month! Teddy is from Mt. Sterling, KY and has lived there his entire life and was a truck driver. He says that some of his favorite things to do are spending time with his dog, Rocky, and he enjoys watching TV Land.... Read More

Employee of the Month: Tabitha Stepp

July 31, 2020 — Congratulations to Tabitha Stepp for being voted Irvine Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s Employee of the Month! Tabitha has only been a nurse at our center for a few months, but it seems like she’s been here forever. She has been a nurse for 10 years and received her BSN from Eastern in 2010. She has... Read More

Happy Birthday, Welcome and Farewell!

July 31, 2020 — Happy Birthday! Staff and Residents Anita J. August 2 Janet R. August 8 Sandy M. August 10 Teresa C. August 17 Charles C. August 19 Evelyn G. August 24 Betty T. August 29 Eva C. August 30 Linda A. August 31 Welcoming New Residents: Teddy C. Green M. Leslie T. Dorothy H. Returning Home: Mary... Read More

August is Sandwich Month

July 31, 2020 — No matter how you slice it, everyone seems to have a favorite sandwich. In a month known for its “dog-days” and heat, a sandwich may provide just the meal you prefer. They’re low fuss, yet can be quick and nutritious, and most require no cooking. A sandwich by definition includes one or more pieces of... Read More

Sons and Daughters Day – August 11

July 31, 2020 — The best gift you can give your sons and daughters is time. This is an excellent day to let your children know how glad you are to be a part of their lives, hear the events of their days and share family stories. The origins of the day are unknown, however, it has been celebrated... Read More

Book Lovers Day is August 9

July 31, 2020 — August 9 is National Book Lovers Day. It’s an unofficial holiday recognized on a global scale. Its origins and creator remain unknown, but it’s a nice idea to put away our smart phones for a day and pick up a book. No matter what genre you prefer – romance, historical fiction, horror, fantasy, memoir or... Read More

Therapy Star of the Month: Duluth W.

July 4, 2020 — Congratulations to Duluth W. for being voted Therapy Star of the Month! Duluth was born and raised here in Irvine and has resided at our center for a little over 3 months now. Duluth says that when she was younger some of her favorite hobbies were hiking, reading, and cooking. She has been a joy... Read More

Employee of the Month: Tatum Cantrell

July 4, 2020 — Congratulations to Tatum for being voted Irvine Nursing and Rehab’s Employee of the Month! Tatum has worked at this center for about a year and a half as a SRNA. Tatum has been a great asset to Team Irvine and is always willing to go the extra mile for her residents. Tatum says some of... Read More