Galaxy Bowling Trip

April 9, 2019 — Our last outing to the Bowling Alley was so much fun! We have a lot of really great bowlers at INRC. We take at least one outing each month and choose those outings during Resident Council meetings. Come to our next Council meeting and share your ideas for future trips!

Employee of the Month: Timiria Jones

April 9, 2019 — Congratulations to Timiria for being voted Irvine Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s Employee of the Month by the Resident Council. Timiria has worked at this center for about a year as a cook in our dietary department. Dietary Manager, Connie Epperhart, says, “I can always count on her, she takes pride in her work and that... Read More

West Side Therapy Star of the Month

April 9, 2019 — Mildred G. — Congratulations to Mildred for being voted INRC’s West Side Therapy Star of the Month. Mildred lives in Lee County and came to our center for a short-term therapy stay. She says that she has been enjoying her time here at INRC and has made many new friends. She enjoys working with therapy... Read More

East Side Therapy Star of the Month

April 9, 2019 — Ronald O. — Congratulations to Ronald for being voted INRC’s East Side Therapy Star of the Month. Ronald is from here in Estill County and says his favorite things to do are go to car races and fishing. He is always friendly and we have very much enjoyed having him at INRC. He comes to... Read More

Happy Birthday, Welcome, Farewell!

April 9, 2019 — Happy Birthday! Shirley C. April 08 Maynard C. April 09 Rhoda G. April 11 Arzella C. April 18 Darlene S. April 19 Florence C. April 28 James F. April 29 Bette N. April 30 Welcome New Residents Beulah G. Ronald O. Returning Home Sherman B. Sarah K. Daniel W.

Employee of the Month: Ticker Sellards

March 11, 2019 — Congratulations to Ticker for being voted Employee of the Month by our Resident Council! Ticker has only been here since September of last year, but she has fit right in to our Irvine Nursing and Rehab family. During our Resident Council meeting, several residents went on and on about how great she is doing. She... Read More

Superbowl Party Fun!

March 11, 2019 — A lot of us may not know much about football, or even who was playing in the Superbowl, but the food sure was good! We also played our own game of Frisbee football!

East Side Therapy Star of the Month

March 11, 2019 — James F. — Congratulations to James for being voted East Side’s Therapy Star of the Month! Therapy said that he has been working very hard and is meeting is goals one at a time. James is enjoying coming to the many different activities while here at this center. Good job, James! Keep up the hard... Read More

West Side Therapy Star of the Month

March 11, 2019 — Joyce Y. — Congratulations to Joyce for being voted West Side’s Therapy Star of the Month! Joyce has been working with our therapy team and they say that she’s now in “overtime mode.” She is doing everything that she can to reach her therapy goals. Since she has been at this center, Joyce says her... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

March 11, 2019 — Betty H. March 6th Ginger S. March 9th Ruth K. March 29th Chester I. March 29th Welcome New Residents Lois B. Arzella C. Joe K. Della E. Sarah K. Roger P., Gearldine W.